1 of 10. We understand how our customers are using our product/service.

2 of 10. We improve our product/service design by leveraging insights from data on how it is being consumed.

3 of 10. We control how our brand is perceived in the market.

4 of 10. We are embracing automation and data collection to drive operational efficiencies.

5 of 10. We are finding new revenue streams by monetizing our data.

6 of 10. I’m confident we have prevented, managed, and eliminated security risks in our business.

7 of 10. Our workforce has the skills to use emerging technologies to increase transparency in our supply chain.

8 of 10. We use technology to foster a culture of collaboration and discovery.

9 of 10. We reinvent how we measure our KPIs using data and emerging technologies.

10 of 10. We build external partnerships to drive innovation. (i.e. universities/development communities)