By answering just a few questions such as hardware, workload type and software, the LinuxONE™ TCO calculator provides a high-level total cost of ownership based on your answers and industry-proven assumptions.

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LinuxONE could reduce your TCO over years by .

Based on your inputs when comparing LinuxONE to x86:

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Glossary of TCO overview terms

Investment payback The investment payback period in capital budgeting refers to the period of time required to recoup the funds expended in an investment to reach the break-even point.
TCO Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate intended to help buyers determine most costs of a product or system over a period of time. This estimator considers floor space, electricity, Linux and other software, Application software, DB software, server migration, hardware maintenance and hardware purchase over five, four or three years.
ROI/IRR The terms ROI and IRR are often used interchangeably to represent the total financial benefit of an investment. Return on investment (ROI) is the total net benefit divided by total investment and does not factor net present value into the net benefit amount. Internal rate of return (IRR) is the percentage rate on the investment that moves NPV to zero. Said differently, IRR factors the cost of the investment over time. Both measures allow an investor to compare an investment with other investments. For a complete discussion on ROI and IRR, visit
NPV Net present value (NPV) is a calculation that compares the amount invested today to the present value of the future cash receipts from the investment. In other words, the amount invested is compared to the future cash amounts after they are discounted by a percentage representing the time value of money (typically two percent to four percent).
Cash flow Cash flow measures net inflow and outflow of each time period being considered in the analysis.

Cost savings and ROI are just the beginning

Moving your workloads to LinuxONE can significantly boost your cost savings while reducing the risks associated with on-premise solutions.

Now that you've seen a preview of what you can save, get your downloadable TCO analysis and receive:

  • A detailed total cost of ownership comparison between running workloads on IBM LinuxONE and x86 servers

  • An estimate of your return on investment, internal rate of return, and the payback time period for your organization

  • An invitation for a detailed onsite assessment of your IT environment

"LinuxONE systems provide the highest levels of availablity (near 100% uptime with no single point of failure), performance, throughput, and security." -Robert Frances Group

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